Custom Carved Horse Mantle

Custom Carved Horse Mantle

Our latest project, the custom carved horse mantle, is probably one of my favorites.  It couldn’t be because the horse is my favorite animal, could it?  They are so beautiful and graceful in their movements.  Steve also has an interest in horses which was acquired at a young age while living on a farm.   He also enjoys watching the wild ponies here on the UT/Nevada boarder.   Watching them run wild in their natural environment helped to inspire this work of art.  The carving didn’t come to life until Steve started to hand carve the many details in the muscular structure of each horse and the different movements in the mane and tail, the grass and the scenery.   I feel the leaves give the mantle an added touch as well as another dimension.  As you can see the center carving was all carved directly into the piece of wood, but with the leaves, wood was added to the side pieces and carved on top.  Added stain colors were applied to give different color tones to the different aspect of the carving.

This project was built specifically for a display to take to the various trade shows we will be attending.  This display is to show one more application to the many different units that can be carved on and built.   It was carved first and then built into this extraordinary Mantle.  The lights were added to enhance and highlight the mantle carving for easier viewing and to see more detail with the shadows created by the lights.

To see more pictures and different furniture and specialty items just click here.

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