Custom built Cedar Chest Heirlooms.

Custom Built Cedar Chest

Creating custom cedar chest heirlooms to be passed down to future generations and admired by all.

A cedar chest can be a great gift for many occasions such as weddings, Christmas, graduation, birthdays, or even anniversaries.  It’s been a long time tradition for an unmarried daughter to receive a cedar chest or hope chest to prepare for their wedding.   The cedar chest is to collect items such as clothing (especially a special dress), table linens, towels, bed linens, quilts and dishware, in preparation for their life with their significant other.

I say anniversaries as well, because there are many women who have never receive one for themselves for one reason or another.  The furniture look in and of itself is nice, but having the storage for memory keep sakes, movies, quilt or old photos is a benefit as well.

However, I have found that some men appreciate the value of a cedar chest also.  This particular cedar chest was custom built for a gentleman who wanted to store extra quilts in his cabin.  But more importantly to pass down through the generations.  On the back there is a personal letter engraved in his hand writing to his posterity.  Can you imagine generations later getting the cedar chest that has a letter to you from your ancestor?

This cedar chest is made out of tiger’s eye maple (which give’s it a ripple look), it is constructed entirely of solid hardwood except for the lid which is veneered mdf for stability.  The lid is edged with 2″ wide solid hardwood.  The interior is lined with maple except for the back and bottom which is Cedar wood.   It has a sliding drawer as seen in the pictures.  The lid has a soft closing mechanism to prevent slamming shut.

Cedar chests can be made in all kinds of sizes and wood species.  If you are looking into purchasing a cedar chest for someone special or yourself contact us for a free quote with the specifics of your project.

Here is a link to other specialty items we have done in the past for our clients, including a more simple cedar chest with a personalized name plate.

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