Some Do’s and Dont’s for Social Networking

I know there are rules and regulations with everything. The internet just amazes me and there doesn’t seem to be any so called “rules”. But there are suggestions, guideline, and common morals and consideration toward others. Here is something I found on some do’s and don’ts with social networking.
This is all new to me and I’m grateful to be able to access information like this and want to pass it on to the next guy just getting started.
Though this article I also found that there are ways to shorten a URL. This is also helpful information for the new “twitterer” or “facebooker”.  I know I was clueless for a while.  I thought  there just wasn’t enough characters to say everything I wanted to say and still add the link.  So I’m glad there are such internet tools to find and learn new things from.    I did a search for URL shorteners and found this site to be rather easy to use.
Good luck out there.

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