Personalized Engraved Sword Display

Personalized Engraved Sword Display

This past week I have been excited to create this personalized engraved sword display for Mr Gow.  The display was made out of solid oak and was hand engraved, to Mr Gow’s specifications.

At the age of 20, Roland Gow was awarded this sword while in the Canadian Officers Training Corp.

He is now volunteering for the Cedar City, UT Police department.  We all appreciate what he does for our community.

Mr Gow decided that to display his sword would be far more rewarding than letting it stay hiding in its sheath.  Now, one can see this magnificent sword at first glance.

If you have something that you are proud of and would like to display it in a like manor, or have your own idea in creating the display, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas.

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