Wood Carving Power Tool Benefits

Wood Carving Power Tools Benefits

This post comes about after reading a forum  question, after answering the forum I thought it would also be beneficial to post it on our website, because I’m sure more than one person has this same question.

Q: I’m just getting started in woodcarving small sculptures and I’d like to get a power tool to help out. I see that there are some that cost $300-800 (like the “Mastercarvers Micro Pro”) and then there is the Dremel tool and flexishaft accessory for less than $100. I don’t mind spending the extra money if it’s better product–I plan on using it a long time. Does anyone know the benefits of the more expensive products? What’s the difference?

Detailed Large Goat Carving

I have been a professional wood worker for the past 29 years. It has always been my practice to buy the best tool for the job that I can afford. Having said that, I started power  wood carving about 2- 2 1/2 years ago. I was using gouges and chisels when I first started, then an employee brought in a small shaft driven electric dremel type tool. They both had their advantages and different uses and looks. One day, shortly after I had started using the power carver I was at a trade show and was introduced to a new air driven tool. Wow. I will never go back to the shaft type dremel again. A dremel runs at approx. 3400 rpms. These new air driven carving tools run at approx 35,000 – 500,000 rpms at about 45 lbs of air pressure. Depending on the brand you choose. It is amazing the detail that can be achieved with these carving tools.Working with wood carving power tool

Personally, I prefer the Hurricane that runs at 35,000 rpms. It has a little more torque and the noise level is not so high pitched. However, the one that runs 500,000 rpms needs no maintenance other than a couple of drops of oil every hour or so and is lifetime warranted. The Hurricane hand piece is available at profitable hobbies http://www.profitablehobbies.com. They also sell all the bits, patterns, and training that you would need to get started. They also have small quiet compressors to run your tools if needed and service all that they sell. The power pen that runs at 500,000 rpms is available at paragrave, http://www.paragrave.us.
Good luck and happy carving.

Check out the gallery page to see the kind of detail that I’m getting with my power tools. Goat pedestal Gun stocks

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